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Pronunciation /sɪtʃʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n//sɪtjʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1A set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs.

    ‘the situation between her and Jake had come to a head’
    ‘the political situation in Russia’
    • ‘The worst of the economic crisis may be over, but the political situation is far from decided.’
    • ‘I searched for drugs in every town we worked in and I got into some dangerous situations but I was lucky to get out unharmed.’
    • ‘How many times have you been in one of these dangerous situations and wished you knew exactly what to do?’
    • ‘Three police constables have received awards for their bravery in dealing with dangerous situations.’
    • ‘I am more or less used to it because this is not the first time I've been in dangerous situations.’
    • ‘Sometimes we get in dangerous situations that can't be overcome by one person alone.’
    • ‘As evening approached, the situation was becoming rather dangerous for the team.’
    • ‘One would hardly expect the authority to leave the child in a dangerous situation, after all.’
    • ‘I write to inform you about the dangerous situation which is occurring at Bedwyn station.’
    • Summer Loose Casual O Neck Printed Dresses Vintage Dress Sexy Sleeve Fashion Women Party Long Maxi Lace Floral Chiffon Mini Cotton ‘We know that not all emergency situations turn out the way we would like them.’
    • ‘Children should be taught to be assertive, but to walk away from dangerous situations.’
    • ‘If your thoughts are good and creative then you don't need to worry about the situations and circumstances.’
    • ‘Time and time again he reacted quickly to dangerous situations.’
    • ‘On occasions I've been placed in situations I would consider dangerous.’
    • ‘They said driving lessons and tests should include motorway and night driving and handling dangerous situations.’
    • ‘Children attending the camp will learn how to identify dangerous situations and act accordingly.’
    • ‘He says there's a way of ensuring they won't become a hazard in such dangerous situations.’
    • ‘I agree with Fair Trade people when it comes to most economic and political situations.’
    • ‘Rescuing women from dangerous situations might come easy to heroes in a script.’
    • ‘We dread the idea that we'll be stuck in a situation that might be dangerous.’
    circumstances, set of circumstances, state of affairs, affairs, state, condition, case
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  • 2The location and surroundings of a place.

    ‘the situation of the town is pleasant’
    emergency, emergency situation, urgent situation, crisis, potential crisis
    location, place, position, spot, site, locality, locale
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  • 3formal A position of employment; a job.

    job, day job, post, position, place, appointment
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  • situations vacant (or wanted)

    • Lists of jobs offered (or sought), especially in a newspaper.

      • ‘Fifty companies looking for employees in a variety of fields were selected at random from newspaper situations vacant columns and recruitment websites.’
      • ‘If I needed work I'd search through the situations vacant ads.’


Late Middle English (in situation (sense 2)): from French, or from medieval Latin situatio(n-), from situare ‘to place’ (see situate). Sense 1 dates from the early 18th century.



/sɪtʃʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ /sɪtjʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n/